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Wow, what a crazy couple of months it has been since my last post. It’s been an absolute whirlwind and it is hard to believe that three months have already passed since I’ve returned from my Bali vacay!

The end of the year is always the peak period for flying. However, the end of 2018 seemed to be more hectic than ever!

I’ve been flying for up to 14 hours a day and unfortunately ended up being admitted to the emergency department when the long hours eventually caught up with me. Fortunately, I’m now feeling a little better and am slowly recovering from the debilitating effects of fatigue. However, I’ve barely had time to catch my breath and yet already it’s time to start planning for the new year ahead!

Personally, I actually couldn’t be happier to farewell the whirlwind that was 2018 and welcome in the new year!

The past two years have bought a lot of challenges for many of us (read more in my previous post, New Year, New You! here). However, I am grateful for the focus that this forced me to place on my personal development. Spiritually, I’ve been on quite a whirlwind of adventure! I’ve learnt to follow my intuition, which has always been very strong. I’ve learnt to accept the things in my life that I can’t control and to release my inner feelings of self-doubt. And most importantly, I’ve reached a point where I am beginning to get a better grasp on my soul purpose.

Late last year, I attended the Mind Body Spirit Expo where I saw a very gifted psychic who restored my sense of hope in the workings of the universe.

For quite some time, I have been frustrated by all of the roadblocks that I have been facing in recent years. But after stumbling across a vlog by Tanaaz from Forever Conscious, I now have a greater understanding of the astrological cycles and how this energy impacts each of us here on Earth. As Tanaaz explains, the past two years have given us a chance to reflect and grow in order to become better versions of ourselves.

To add to this whirlwind, last week I undertook my annual Flight Attendant Safety And Emergency Procedure exams.

It’s always extremely stressful going back into the Training Facilities and when I first quit my corporate job to become cabin crew, I had no idea how much study it would involve. I can honestly say it’s been a lot more challenging than I’d ever anticipated, as managing a dynamic group of people at 38,000 ft requires a high level of adaptability and resilience. In fact, this article “Think Twice Before You Say “Just A Flight Attendant” published by Forbes Magazine sums up my job perfectly. However, as a result, I now have much stronger time-management skills and I am also much better at managing people. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has been the best thing I’ve ever done to aid in my professional development and I am so glad I took up the challenge!

Initially, I planned on taking a short career break. Five and half years on, I’m still flying full-time as a Cabin Manager and I have formed some amazing friendships with my fellow cabin crew.

However, my true passion lies in understanding consumer behaviour and I am eager to return to the field of marketing one day. I’ve just been accepted into postgraduate study and am already excited to see that this will enable me to collaborate with a dynamic group of people, who share my passion!

2019 brings a lot of forward moving energy and this means it is the perfect time to take a new path. It’s also a great year to travel, so book a ticket and start planning your next adventure! You may notice that my posts become a little more sporadic, as I’m not entirely sure how I am going to fit postgraduate study into my already crazy-busy flying schedule! But I will try my best to continue to share the journey with you!


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