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Didn’t land your dream job? How to handle the heartbreak of rejection in recruitment!

So you saw your dream job advertised. You prepared an amazing application and submitted it to the recruitment manager.

Then, you had all of your fingers (and toes) crossed. And you were quietly confident that you would be receiving a call to schedule an interview or an invitation to attend a recruitment day! Then, to your despair, the rejection email lands in your inbox. Or worse, you follow up and still don’t receive a response and are forever left wondering, ‘What if…?’

The heartbreak of not landing your dream job is devastating at first. You put your heart and soul on the line and wonder why on earth the recruitment manager couldn’t see that!

It’s happened to all of us at one point. And truth be told, you may have been perfect for the role. But, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason! So perhaps fate just has a different path for you. And you’ll never know how exciting that journey may be until it unfolds. So, please, don’t despair. Take a moment to review your recruitment application and take note of areas where you could improve. Then, pick yourself up, get back into the hustle and trust that something amazing is just around the corner!

Tailor your recruitment application to each role you are applying for and don’t give up on your dream!


The Flight Attendant recruitment process is one of the most gruelling processes I’ve encountered!

People constantly ask me if I would consider changing airlines. But it’s not quite as simple as sending in an application, even if you have many years of previous flying experience! Each airline has a selection criteria that is very specific. And the large number of candidates vying for each position makes this a very coveted – and competitive – career path!

If you have worked in hospitality, or a customer service-focused position, this is beneficial should you wish to be considered for an airline role. And most importantly, if you make it through to the group assessment day, you must show that you can work effectively as part of a team. Then, don’t despair if you don’t get selected the first time around. Keep applying and show the airline that you are committed to landing the role!

Airlines value selfless people who are warm, friendly and genuinely interested in a professional career in aviation.

In the corporate world, however, it is more likely that you will only get one shot at an interview and therefore you want to be prepared to the show off your personal achievements.

You want your CV to show potential employers that you will be a profitable asset to their business and you need to talk yourself up. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to provide examples of how you effectively developed the skills required to successfully carry out the advertised role through previous project work in a similar profession. So don’t lose sight of the big picture and use each day to build a vast network of professional connections that you can utilise throughout your career to help you get that all-important foot in the door!


1. If appropriate, follow up on the missed opportunity. If you made it through the final interview round, it is worthwhile to let the recruiter know if you are still interested in the role. That way you could be considered should another opening arise in the future. Or, if the opening was an internal promotion, you may benefit from requesting feedback on how you can continue to develop your professional skills.

2. Take a moment to review your application and re-evaluate your career goals. Think about how you could improve your next application and assess if you need to modify your approach. Then, take a moment to re-think what you are looking to achieve. Are you still on the correct path to achieve your dream role?

3. Get back on the bandwagon and put yourself out there again! Don’t let a missed opportunity leave you stuck in a dead-end job. Look at other options and think about what you need to do to keep progressing in your career. Keep an eye on the job market and trust that the right opportunity is just around the corner. Keeping a positive perspective is key to the attracting the success you are hoping to achieve!


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