Do you feel the pressure to settle down? Worried because you haven’t met ‘The One’ and you’re in your 30’s (or almost 30!) so it should have happened by now, right? Maybe there is a reason why life has taken you down that path yet!

Being single is awesome! I have had the time of my life doing what I want, when I want! But flying solo certainly has its challenges too.

Most of my girlfriends are married or in relationships. They still make time to catch up with me (minus their man!) whenever we are both free. However, holidays are always the time when I find myself on my own. At first, I let this stop me travelling. I’d spend hours browsing travel brochures and Pinterest. Then think to myself, that looks amazing… but I’d rather experience it with someone! So for years, I put off travelling.

After falling in love for the first time at a very young age, I experienced several long-term relationships.

By my mid-twenties, though, I felt the urge to move on to pursue my personal career ambitions. So I set off to fulfil my travel dreams flying solo!

I have been single now for many years. But I’m so happy that I got over my travel nerves and set off to explore the world flying solo!

I took baby steps at first and did several tours. Actually, I love travelling in tour groups, as I like to see as much as I can in a short space of time! Plus, I love meeting new people along the way! I’m still friends with one of the girls I met on my first ever tour, seven years ago! I also regularly catch up for dinner and drinks with a girl I met on tour. She happens to live in the next suburb to me, which is amazing, as neither of called Melbourne home when we met!

Tour groups are a great way to see the world quickly and easily. Whilst I was working a corporate job this took the pressure off the planning process. For most young Australians, setting off on their first trip to Europe, almost feel like a right of passage! Beyond the tour operators that target first-time travellers there are many tour groups that focus on eco-friendly, cultural tours.

I love these the most, as they have allowed me to have experiences and learn about things I would never have discovered travelling on my own.

However, I’m now confident enough to just wing it and I enjoy flying solo!

On my last travel adventure, I set off with a fellow Flight Attendant and just my backpack and a return airfare! She had to return to work after the first week of the trip, while I set off on a solo island-hopping adventure. (From which I probably would have never returned if I didn’t need a job to pay my bills!)

I’m open to falling in love and feel ready to find someone to eventually settle down with. Flying solo is fun but I adore children and can’t wait to be a mum! But, each time I’m standing in the middle of a foreign country experiencing a new culture, I understand the reason why my life hasn’t taken me down that path just yet!

Like most women in their thirties, I’m constantly pressured about settling down and this is something that I am looking forward too! But until fate intervenes and I stumble across my soul mate I’m happy to continue exploring this big wide world on my solo travel adventures.

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